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2018 Ulewell Android 7.1 TV STICK - RK3328 - 2GB + 16GB - Under $50

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    Subscribe and Save on all your essentials. Have a good night! March 28, The games are getting better for the Fire TV most are the same games on your phone but playing with a game controller on the big screen is fun for the casual games. August 29, All work well. I originally preferred the Roku 3 for the bedroom because of the headphone jack on the remote, but became annoyed we couldn't see certain content in the bedroom, so now we have both and I bought a bluetooth receiver to pair with the Fire stick cheap, easy.

    I haven't used the Roku3 in months need to sell it. One big advantage of the Fire TV is the network jack.


    Our living room TV didn't have good wifi reception especially with the stick signal having to pass "through" the TV so we had stability issues. With the Fire TV, I was able to use a powerline ethernet adapter, and now everything is blazing fast. I owned both the Roku 3 and Fire Stick. The Fire Stick burned up about 10 months in and would not turn on.

    In every regard, the Roku is superior. If you don't trust the review, if you hate it, if it doesn't work right. All reviews everywhere are slanted and should be just a suggestion. I've purchased things that were much better then the reviews and much worse. Try what you want and if it's not for you, send it back. I have the Fire stick which works fine for what I wanted.

    I never expected it to be Roku. August 26, I have tried all the devices, and by far the Fire tv is the best. It replaces my cable box, running ota and Playstation Vue saves me a ton of money. Also,I am not even a Prime subscriber. Which is Amazon's now corrupt rating system works in a similar way. It's amazing the number of 5 star reviews that were given the product free.

    Then Amazon prints above the review that it is a verified purchase. How is that Legit. These companies are forcing me back into brick and mortar stores with lenient return policies. I am not the only one noticing this and at some juncture it's going to affect their bottom line. Recently I purchased 2 items with 5 Stars that were total junk or did not have the features that were advertised. Unfortunate since Amazon's review system was second to none. We've written positively about the strengths of Roku devices many times before.

    August 25, If this wasn't a paid advertisement, shouldn't it contain a comment somewhere that the overwhelming critical analysis is that the Roku 4 or Roku stick is superior to comparable Fire TV or the Fire Stick unless you're completely invested in the Amazon universe. Their channel has video run in the background of the menus which made the stick so slow it was unusable. A lot of people don't "get" the point of the stick vs a set top box, and we wanted to gear this towards people who are specifically interested in Amazon products.

    We've written about the Roku many times before as well. Haha, is this a trick question? Obviously the correct an that you should buy a Roku? Seriously, how much did the boys over at Amazon pay you to write this garbage? Shame on you.

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    It is suggested that you watch the video above to see important details not included below. I cannot get Filezilla to connect at all. I spent several hours trying everything but nothing works. Is there another way to put files on my Firestick 4? Install Send Anywhere for iPhone. Install XYZ app for the next device you buy. Continue until Windows slows to a crawl and dies from all of the apps installed.

    What total bullshit. Am I missing something? Hi Kevin, after you click Network, you will see a list under that. Click Remote Manager and then Turn on. It seems to be gone.

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    Is this safe for a LAN? By playing media file from internal storage, there will be no buffering. While traveling, you can access your media without relying on Internet connection. Many people download media through torrent sites, Usenet, and direct download and this makes it easy to use those files.